You’ve just arrived at a website dedicated to an old moravian family of the SILNY’S, which is being constantly updated with new information and photographs on newly found members of the Silny family.

The beginning of the family started with Matej Silny and his three wives. He had three children with his first wife Margita and their descendants started a family tree of the Silny’s. It’s unknown if Matej used the name Silny because he had incredible strength, or because he was of stout countenance, that we shall never know. But for sure he is the oldest man with the name of Silny we could find in Moravia. 

Most of the Matej Silny descendants were born and lived in Moravia. They were mostly farmers with small to large farming lands. Only in the so call “zdounec” branch we can find several generations that were butchers or restaurant owners.

We can also find the Silny family in the so called “melnicky” register in the first half of the 17th century. We will probably never find out if after the end of the 30 year war in Europe Matej Silny moved to Moravia from “Melnik” (a small town in Czech Republic) and was actually associated with or if he accepted the Silny name and gave foundations to this Moravian family. During the 20th century some of the Silny’s spread into the world, and at the present time we can find them in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and other parts of the globe.

All the data, information, photographs, and contacts are gathered by Ervin Silny which are then sorted, recorded, and put into the archives. My son and I then update the website when ever we obtain new information or pictures concerning the Silny’s. Without the help of Mrs. Alena Skalova (maiden name Silna, who is presently living in Prague) and Mr. Vlastimil Silny (living in Uherske Hradiste) the research would gone forward at much slower rate. Thanks to Mr. Jan Silny (from city of Martin, Slovak Republic) who was able to present the chronicle of the Silnych, which was written by his father, professor Josef Silny (from the city of Kromeriz, Czech Republic). I would also like to thank the many Silny’s who came forward on their own free will and provided us with new data and photographs.

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Ervin Silny, city of Prerov, 
Czech Republic