Wedding of Vincenc Silny (born1891) and Hermina Schleglova (born 1902).
Vladimir Silny (born 1927) and Jirina Silna (born 1929).
Jan Silny (born 1879) and Marie Odlozilova (born 1885).
Josef Silny (born 1909) and Ludmila Valouskova (born 1913).
Jan Silny, the one with the pipe (born 1824) and Terezie Svecova (born 1811), and their son Jan Silny (born 1850) and his wife Pavlina Foltynova (born 1848) with their baby.
Josef Silny (born 1902), probably the most famous from all the Silny’s clan, professional soccer player, represented former Czechoslovakia as a soccer player in 1920’s.
Josef Silny (born 1902).Tour of soccer team “Sparta” in USA in 1926. Josef Silny in the middle of the picture.
Josef Silny (born 1902) with the 1934 soccer World Cup.
Frantisek Silny (born 1876) and Josefa Kralikova (born 1882).
Frantisek Silny (born 1876) and Veronika Sovova (born 1891).
Vincenc Silny (born 1891).
Frantisek Silny (born 1883) holding his son Josef, and his wife Marie Mihalova holding their son Oldrich. Next to Oldrich is his father Frantisek (born 1853) and Marie Mihalova who has her mother standing next to her. Behind them are standing the Silny‘s children. On the left, in the Czech national costume are Andela, Richard, Frantisek, Ferdinand and Terezie.
Frantisek Silny (born 1883) with his wife Marie Mihalova, on the left his daughter Andela (sister Irenea). On the right side is daughter Terezie and standing on the left are sons Richard, Josef, Ferdinand, Frantisek, and Oldrich.
Marketa Silna, II. Vicemiss of Czechoslovakia in 1991.
Marketa Silna, II. Vicemiss International with a winner A. Kotlarska from Poland.
Antonie Silna maiden name Hejdova (born 1943) and her sons with their families.
l. Marriage certificate from 1669. Wedding of Matej Silny.
2. Marriage certificate from 1703. Wedding of Jiri Silny.
3. Marriage certificate from 1750. Wedding of Vaclav Silny (born 1712).
4. Marriage certificate from 1826. Birth of Frantisek Silny.
Luggage. With this language Josef Silny (Jozka born 1902) traveled through the world. The luggage is in the possession of his nephew at the present time..
Probably a house of Matej Silny in town of Lhotka, and his family after 1669.